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How your donation helps

Your donation helps in the following ways:

A hand up for a struggling family or individual

Used furniture, clothing and goods donated to our stores are distributed free of charge to those in need through The Salvation Army’s Doorways Program.

Furthers the work of The Salvation Army

Donated goods are sold in Salvos Stores, which helps raise vital funds for Salvation Army's programs.

The Community

Provides the community with quality products at a reasonable price.

The environment

Recycling used goods helps reduce the amount of textiles and household items delivered to land fill.

The Salvations Army's Bridge Program

Provides work experience for people participating in The Salvation Army Bridge Program, who often work in our stores as part of their recovery from addiction. This provides on-the-job training in warehousing, logistics, sorting, furniture restoration and retail.

Help your community and the environment by donating your quality used clothing, furniture and homewares to Salvos Stores.

Find out how to donate quality clothing and goods.