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Tae Woo Kang

18 January 2011

Tae Woo Kang

Tae Woo Kang, Volunteer at Seven Hills Salvos Store

 “I was born in Korea and our family migrated overseas when I was 11 years old. I am a uni student and volunteer at Salvos Stores two to three days a week.”

 “I searched the internet to find an organisation for some volunteer work. I like to gain some local work experience and at the same time I have a great desire to understand the society I live in.  I emailed a few organisations and Salvos Store is the quickest to respond and that’s how I started over a year ago.”

 “Growing up in a middle class family, I do not know many people from different ethnic backgrounds. I find it fascinating that people can speak their minds so freely and at the same time they are understanding and tolerant. It opens up my horizon on the view of society.”

 “I’ve also come face to face with people who are in need and get a taste of the raw emotions of hardship. I feel the work I do at Salvos Stores is on the front line and I gain first hand experience in social welfare.  I am proud to be in a position to contribute to the community.”

 “Salvos Store has a great family atmosphere and it is a great place to invest your time and money as you will be making a difference in the local community.”