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Lan Hoa Ha

18 January 2011

Lan Hoa Ha

Lan Hoa Ha, Volunteer at Canley Heights Salvos Store

 “All my colleagues call me Flower because it is very difficult to pronounce my Vietnamese name ‘Hoa’.  I love it because it makes me feel special.”

 “It has not been easy initially coming from Vietnam.  I lived in a refugee camp and first landed in Wollongong where my husband worked in the steel industry.  Later I came to Cabramatta and learned to speak English”

 “I also recently studied English at TAFE and working at Salvos Stores gives me more opportunities to speak English.  I enjoy working at Canley Heights Salvos Store not only because it is close to home, but my colleagues are very kind. They support what I do. I love talking to customers and I can blossom like a flower!”