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Grace Zhu

18 January 2011

Grace Zhu

Grace Zhu, Store Manager at North Parramatta Salvos Store

 “I came from Shanghai, a growing city of many millions where things are bright, glossy and beautiful.  You can imagine it is quite an adjustment dealing with second hand goods at Salvos Stores.”

 “I have come to appreciate the value of recycling.  It is important and the responsibility of everyone to recycle where they can.  It not only saves money but it reduces waste and saves the environment.”

 “I have also developed a knack of being very resourceful.  You have to be creative because you often don’t always have the very thing you need when you want it, especially when you don’t want to run to the shop and buy it new. Armed with this skill, I often surprise customers with my solutions to their needs, which gives me a lot of satisfaction.”