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Dr Teresita Canja

18 January 2011

Dr Teresita Canja

Dr Teresita Canja, Volunteer at Seven Hills Salvos Store

 “I am a retired General Practitioner from The Philippines.  By volunteering at Salvos Stores I have learned to live a simple and generous life.  I’ve also learned to maintain a low profile.”

 “I enjoy meeting with people of different nationalities.  I feel happy working with the wonderful staff members especially Leslie and Carol.  They look after me very well.”

 “One day one of my patients saw me working at Seven Hills Salvos Store and she exclaimed “Why are you working here Doctor?!” She admonished me and insisted that as a GP I should not have to volunteer! I insisted that I am very proud to be connected to the Salvos.”

 “Indeed, volunteering at Salvos Store has changed my outlook on life. It has affirmed my belief of being service to others and that it is better to give than to receive.”