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Black & Gold New Years Eve

Make a statement in black & gold and ring in the New Year in style.

How to get the look

Black & gold, black & gold, black & gold.  Everything from the decorations to your outfit.

Balloons on the ground, balloons in the air – balloons everywhere!

- Balloons are a cheap and effective way of creating an intimate space.

- To secure helium balloons to the ground use golf tees.  Tie the balloon tight to the tee and press into the ground.

- What goes up must hang down.  Tie air inflated balloons to trees, pergola or the washing line.  Place a marble inside the balloon, before inflating.  This will help the balloon to hang straight.

Set your table

- Layer a black table cloth, gold runner (check out the remnant basket at the fabric shop) and a piece of black netting.

- Place some gold fabric and baubles inside any black container.

- Upcycle a branch into your centrepiece (see upcycle project below).

- Use gold chargers and black accessories.

Upcycle project – branch in a vase

- Take a dry, small branch and old tall vase and spray with gold paint.

- Wrap floral foam in black netting and place in the vase.

- Push the branch into the foam.

- Hang black baubles and ornaments from the branches with black ribbon (we used flower broaches clipped together).

Dress for the occasion

This is the night of nights to dress up.  Think tuxedos and gold flashy dresses.

Sourced from Salvos Stores

Chargers, vase, baubles, flowers, branch(!) and Bernitta & Kirsty’s outfits (all other items, set stylists own).


Eco Fashion Stylist – Faye De Lanty, Fashion Hound

Models – Bernitta and Kirsty

Set Styling & photography – Sarah McAdams