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Twist on a Traditional Christmas

Red, green & white, cricket and a roast dinner in 40 degree heat.  Sounds a lot like a backyard Christmas celebration.

How to get the look

Set the scene with gum leaves, hessian and splashes of red.

Hessian & red fabric streamers

- You will need 1 metre each of hessian and any cheap red fabric.

- Cut both the hessian & red fabric into 5cm strips.

- Plait two hessian and one red piece together – staple at the top to secure.

- This will make 10 plaited pieces and 10 strips of red to hang from the trees or pergola.

Set your table

- Layer a white table cloth, green runner (check out the remnant basket at the fabric shop) and a piece of hessian.

- Lay gum leaves, fresh or dry down the centre of the table.

- Upcycle some wine glasses to candle holders (see upcycle project below).

- Use white serving dishes and plates.

Upcycle project – wine glass candle holders

- Take the wine glass and place gum leaves inside.

- Turn the wine glass upside down on the table.

- Place the candle on top (if there are children, or a clumsy relative around use tealights)

 Dress for the occasion

Make the day extra special by asking your guests to wear green and white.

Sourced from Salvos Stores

Table setting, wine glasses, gum leaves, candles, baubles and Benitta & Kirsty’s outfits (all other items, set stylists own).



Eco Fashion Stylist – Faye De Lanty, Fashion Hound

Models – Benitta and Kirsty

Set Styling & photography – Sarah McAdams