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Put some stars and sparkle into your Christmas

Think white, silver and pink, a fantasy setting.

How to get the look

Use materials with different textures like feathers and tinsel.  Long stem candles and various shades of pink complete the look.

Stars, baubles and streamers

- You will need 1 metre of cheap pink fabric and 10 metres of cheap white ribbon.

- Cut pink fabric into 5cm strips and the white ribbon into 1 metre lengths.

- Tie a pink bauble to one end of the ribbon.

- This will make 10 bauble streamers and 10 strips of pink to hang from the trees, pergola or inside.

- This fabulous star was found at Ikea – perfect for the centrepiece of your backdrop (and cheap).

Set your table

- Layer pink fabric over the table and top with sheer white star fabric.

- Pile some pink baubles in a glass bowl and use long steam white candles.

- Upcycle some tinsel into a Christmas tree (see upcycle project below).

- Place a white feather boa into a tall glass vase.

-Use white plates and serving dishes.

Upcycle project – tinsel Christmas tree

- Use a piece of A2 cardboard (standard store size).

- Cut off a 40cm piece.

- Roll into a cone and secure by stapling.

- Cut around the bottom of the cone to level.

- With a brush, apply PVA glue all over the cone.

- Wind a 3 metre length of tinsel around the cone – staple the beginning and end to secure.

- Place on the table as part of the centrepiece or make a few at different heights and use as a sparkling statement.

Dress for the occasion


Ask your family and friends to dress in pastels or glittery outfits.  For a warm day light flowing fabrics will help you ‘keep your cool’.  If it is ‘baby it’s cold outside’ weather wear a sparkling jacket and top.

Sourced from Salvos Stores

Table setting, glass bowl & vase, candles and candle holder, baubles, boa, tinsel, Benitta & Kirsty’s outfits (all other items, set stylists own).



Eco Fashion Stylist – Faye De Lanty, Fashion Hound

Models – Benitta and Kirsty

Set Styling & photography – Sarah McAdams