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Chicks for Change

Chickens might be small and cheep, but they can have a big impact

When you buy a chicken or other small farm animal through Chicks for Change, you help a woman in a developing country establish a small business. You empower her to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for herself and her family.

Your Easter gift can empower a woman like Ranjulata to change her life. 

Through a community grant, Ranjulata - a wife and mother in Tudubali, India - received 200 chickens. Through the sale of chicks and eggs, she has established a sustainable source of income.

"It helps us to generate income and strengthen our financial standard. It's helping us fulfil our needs," says Ranjulata. "Now I am even more passionate about my children's education and health." 

Read more about how chickens have empowered Ranjulata and impacted her community here.

Long-term impact

Gifts purchased through Chicks for Change can have a powerful impact on women in developing countries. 

By starting her own business a woman can: 

  • Afford to send her children to school.
  • Pay for essential healthcare like medicine and regular check-ups.
  • Work with other women on community projects such as water pumps.
  • Feel confident and be empowered.

By supporting Chicks for Change you can help women in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty. 

There are two ways to support Chicks for Change;

Pop into any Salvos Store in NSW, ACT or Qld and purchase a box of 12 chicks for $3.  Click here or the chicks below to find your nearest store OR

Click here or the image below to donate and make a life-changing impact.